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Tantec´s Power Generator HV-X PlasmaTEC is a new plasma treatment series of advanced power supplies for atmospheric plasma systems, versatile for stand-alone surface treaters or as a fully integrated treater component in automated lines built by OEM’s.

The PlasmaTEC offered by Tantec permits easy surface treatment of a large variety of parts. Its concept is based on the principle of a high-voltage discharge in a high-frequency area. Compressed air presses the discharge outside the nozzle head. The microprocessor-controlled HV-X PlasmaTEC systems are available with 2000 Watt power output and can operate up to four plasma nozzles.

PlasmaTEC transformers type HT-X10, are equipped with air pressure monitoring and regulation, pressure switch with alarm output and outputs for either one or two robot proof plasma nozzles from each transformer. Dual transformer configuration with one power supply is possible. The PlasmaTEC system provides an economical solution for the effective surface treatment of a large number of different materials and part shapes.

The entire system is easily integrated into new or existing production lines.

Easy to install This system requires no adjustment of treatment parameter.
Potential free discharge Connect to mains power and compressed air.
High speed production Allows treatment of both conductive and non-conductive surfaces.
Adjustment free High power plasma discharge allows for high line speeds up to 400 m/min. The entire system will not require any adjustments or fine tuning once installed.
Single and multiple nozzle configurations A single HV-X plasma generator can power from 1 to 4 nozzles.
Different nozzle tips Both round and oval nozzle tips are available.
Output discharge control Should the discharge power drop below the preset level, the generator will signal an alarm.
Technical Specifications HV-X PlasmaTEC HT-X10 Single HT-X10 Dual PlasmaTEC Nozzle
Mains voltage and
100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz N/A N/A N/A
Output voltage/power Max. 400 Vp/0-2000 Watt
(115 V max. 1500 Watt)
1 kV 1 kV N/A
Power consumption Max. 2150 VA N/A N/A 475-525 Watt
Ramp up time 5-30 ms, depending on
power load
Shut down time < 1 ms N/A N/A N/A
Dimensions in mm
430 x 470 x 200 470 x 251 x 200 470 x 251 x 200 232 x OD 35
Interface control and connectivity 16-pole Phoenix connector for external PLC interface 10-pole ILME connector with multicable  (Standard 4 mtr.) 10-pole ILME connector with multicable (Standard 4 mtr.) M40 swivel nut with robot proof supply hose (Standard 1.8 mtr)
Weight in kg 14.5 9.5 11.7 1.7
Treatment width in mm N/A N/A N/A 8-14 mm
Compressed air supply N/A 5-6 bar dry and clean 5-6 bar dry and clean N/A
Air consumption N/A N/A N/A 35-50 ltr/min
Regulation compliance CE - RoHs - WEEE CE - RoHs - WEEE CE - RoHs - WEEE CE - RoHs - WEEE

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