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Tantec awarded the "Gazelle" price

Gazelle-2013 gennemsigtighed

Tantec has been awarded the prestigious "Gazelle" award, by the leading Danish business magazine Borsen.dk.

Read the news about the Gazelle award.

plasmatreatment For plastic surfaces to bond you need to increase surface energy. Plasmatreatment is an environment friendly solution #MDMWest
plasmatreatment Jeff Gradus and Ray Mark are demonstrating Tantec PlasmaTEC at #MDMWest booth 1520 http://bit.ly/1dkAOfv pic.twitter.com/9tR5Qg5aF7
plasmatreatment Visit Tantec at #MDMWest booth 1520 and hear about high tensile strength after #plasmatreatment of Needle Hubs.
plasmatreatment Do you know how Plasma Treatment is used in the Automotive Industry? http://www.tantec.com/Plasma-treatment/plasma-treatment-in-the-automotive-industry.html

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